Maia Standing

April 7, 2009 at 8:28 pm (Baby Stuff) (, )

Maia’s 61cm (24 inches!) “long”…. but you could say she’s 2 ft tall in this vid:


  1. HumpsNBump said,


  2. Jinxy said,

    Wow, that’s awesome.
    She’s holding her head up so well. Its so cute.

  3. Damselfly said,

    Oh, look at her!

  4. Gala said,

    Hey! Buffy was lurking, as usual!!

  5. tracey said,

    She’s a doll! Love her thick hair…

  6. Cara said,

    I can’t get over all that hair! Such a cutie!

  7. Ms. Core said,

    Goodness, she seems like an older baby than she is… very advanced!. I wish we could get the babes together…

  8. cristin said,

    Wow!!! Can you send her to me?? I need a baby fix bad… I would love to squish her…

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