Month Two

April 13, 2009 at 1:07 am (Letters to Maia) (, , , , )

Dear Maia,

Today you turn two months old and, just like last month, I’m stuck between amazement at how time has flown by and disbelief that it’s only been that long.  This morning as we laid in bed together, I rested my hand on my stomach and remembered being pregnant, feeling you kicking and pushing — but I couldn’t think of what it was that I did all day without you around.  Then I tried to remember life before the pregnancy, and it came to me in bits and pieces: a vacation to Florida, a trip to Connecticut, taking pictures with Daddy in Montreal, or bringing home the puppies.  These memories seemed more like remnants of a dream than anything that ever happened to me, as if I only drew breath when you did.

Despite our love for you, there’s no denying that this month has been difficult.  You’ve grown more aware and responsive, but at the same time, you’re very demanding.  I’m surprised there’s not a path worn in our flooring from how many hours Daddy and I have spent carrying you back and forth around the apartment, shushing you, trying to make you happy.  There was one night where you cried for four hours straight — and of course this was quite late, when Daddy had to work the next day.  But you know what?  As soon as he came out to help us, you fell asleep in his arms.

This month, you two have become something like best friends.  We joke that you’re Queen Maia, he’s Prince Daddy, and I’m Mommy the Milkmaid.  There have literally been times when you two are together, I’ve walked over to say hello, you’ve taken one look at me, and started to wail.  Fortunately, I have a sense of humour about this, or else you might just hurt my feelings.  Although that said, he did scare you the other day.  He was raising you up in the air, over his head, and you loved this, so he thought that maybe you’d like to be lowered as well; he pretended to drop you from his waist to his knees and you screamed, this frightened, high-pitched, endless wail.  You were terrified.  We felt horrible, and Daddy cuddled you close until you calmed down.

If there’s only one memory I could hold on to from this month, it would be seeing you smile for the first time.  It was 5am and you decided that was a perfectly good time to wake up for awhile, so we went out into the living room together.  I laid you down on the couch and played with you — and then, you beamed.  Your mouth opened wide, the corners of it curled up, your dimple appeared, and your eyes wrinkled up with joy.  Maia, you could wake me up every hour of the night, as long as you smile at me.  I went and woke your Daddy up to let him know, but it took another week before you started smiling at him.  Now, every morning, you are in a happy mood and you smile at us while “talking”.  It makes starting the day so much easier!

For the last few days, you’ve been trying to laugh.  This is hilarious, since it means you draw a big breath and then you squeal or yell, very loudly, while smiling.  I know that within the next week or two you’ll start giving us those giggles that you so desperately are trying to find, and of course I’m more than willing to help you, and I’ve probably tickled you more in these few days than I have in the rest of your life.

You’re also “standing” a lot.  Sometimes when we’re holding you, you stretch out your legs (we refer to this as “Legs of Steel”) and push off us.  We’ll swing you backwards and pull you back up, but that’s not always enough, and you want to be held straight up so you can put all your weight on your feet.  Then you straighten your back, hold your head up, and talk to us. You’re only eight weeks old, Maia!  Stop trying to grow up so fast.

Every day with you is different from the one before.  Sometimes you’ll nap all day, sometimes you’ll be awake for ten hours in a row.  Sometimes you are incredibly happy, sometimes you cry no matter what we do.  Sometimes you’re interested in us, sometimes you want to look at toys instead.  We can’t predict you, and as frustrating as it can be to have to think outside of the box, I love that you expand our horizons.  People say they start to think differently when they have a child, and I understand that now.  It’s not just that I have to think about how to take care of someone else, or how the world will impact you, but I have to find new ways of looking at situations.  I have to try and think like a baby, and that’s difficult with twenty-six years of life experience.  But it’s amazing.

We are so in love with you, baby girl.  Even when you wear us out.





  1. Gala said,

    Wow…very well said. Happy 2m bday to my beautiful granddaughter!

  2. Ms Core said,

    what a lovely letter. and sweet picture, she will love to read these thoughts when she is older.

  3. Myg said,

    Love it. I still can’t get over that HAIR!

  4. Jinxy said,

    I love that picture.

    That is a beautiful letter.

    I’m jealous. Lily seems nowhere near giggling or laughing yet.

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