Girl Talk Thursday 04

April 16, 2009 at 7:10 am (Girl Talk Thursday) (, , )

Girl Talk Thursday is Mommy Melee‘s weekly event, and I really love the thought, so here it comes: my thoughts on the topic of “Sex Shenanigans. Share an embarrassing story”!

There’s really only one to share, because it’s epic.

I’m twenty years old, living in an apartment in Connecticut.  This is the only time I’ve been entirely on my own, and it was awesome, if short-lived.  It’s the first day — or night, really — that Chris and I have physically met (we got together online!).  My mom had mentioned that she might come over and meet him, but after a lot of chatter, a little Red Sox watching, and a dinner of chicken cacciatore, it’s 9pm and we’ve finally decided that she’s not coming over.  So we start getting our groove on.  I’m pretty sure you can see where this is going.

I’m naked.  He’s naked.  It’s the beginning of July, I don’t have air conditioning, and it’s brutally humid.  I’ve got my front door and all of my windows open (I honestly can’t even tell you if my blinds were drawn) to try and get some nighttime air inside.  Of course, the fact that we’re doing the deed doesn’t really help the humidity per se, but that’s okay, we’re having fun.  Loudly.

He pauses.  “Did you hear something?”


“I think I heard something,” he insists.

“No,” I repeat, and pull him close.

And then, to borrow a phrase from Meatloaf, LIKE A BAT OUT OF HELL, my mother comes storming into the living room where we are.  Chris leaps off me and, ass-naked, goes racing up the stairs.  I fumble around, grab my bathrobe (the one time in my life that my bad habit of leaving my wet towels wherever the hell I want to has come in handy), and physically get in front of her to block her.  She’s screaming: “IS THIS HOW YOU TREAT MY DAUGHTER” etc etc… I’m telling her to stop, to leave him alone, whatever.  I mean, this is terrifying.  I’ve never seen my mom like this.  Hell, I’m pretty sure she’s never seen me like this, in flagrante delicto and all.

Eventually, after much teeth gnashing, she leaves.  It turns out that my siblings are in the car with her, and she told them to stay there because she thought she heard “something” through my open windows when they pulled up (whoops).  Also, she tells me that maybe I should, you know, CLOSE THE FRONT DOOR if I’m going to be doing the nasty (whoops two).

Lesson learned, right?  But here’s the best part:

Chris, my 6’2″, 185lb brown belt in karate, has locked himself in the bathroom.  Because my mother, angry, is just that scary.

Yeah, I love you, Mom.



  1. Jinxy said,

    That sounds terrifying. I can thankfully say that my parents have never walked in on me.

  2. Kekibird said,

    Wow…That’s funny and embarrassing at the same time. How long did it take for the situation to cool between you and your mom?

  3. humpsNbump said,

    LMAO!! That story is abso-fucking hilarious. I’m laughing so hard that I might go into labour. Thanks so much for sharing.

    ~ humps

  4. Gala said,

    Don’t think I didn’t notice that Chris kept the kitchen table between him and I the next day, when I could actually come face to face w/him! Wasn’t funny then, but sure is funny now.

  5. Cara said,

    That is hysterical! Small mercy, I ‘ve never been caught in the act, although not for lack of trying on my husband’s part. My parent’s house is like an aphrodisiac to him. It’s weird.

  6. Maria said,

    This is the funniest, most horrible thing ever. I would have DIED. Died, I tell you.

  7. Tatiana said,

    @Kekibird: Um, not too long, I think. The next night my mom came over again (with warning…) and took Chris out for a drink so they could talk. I wasn’t invited! They get along fine now 😛

  8. EricaB/CrazyMomma said,

    I am seriously LMAO right now. That is so hysterical….and terrifying 🙂

    Thankfully, the only time I was caught “in the act” I was 17 and the “in the act” part was a whole lot different than it is now. My mother stomped LOUDLY up the stairs so there was no question she was coming (of course this was after the had seen us already unbeknownst to us)…

    You’ve got balls for sharing that here – your mother READS this!My mother and I have not discussed that episode to this day…


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